Fantastic and most well researched and informative course I have done in recent years. Diabetes knowledge was excellent as that is normally where first aid courses go wrong
– Alice F N 03/07/2021
This is excellent training, both in content and in concept. The provision of the on-line resource allows the learner to move at his/her own pace, reviewing as required. Backing it up with in-person attendance will allow the loose ends to be dealt with, and for detailed discussion as required.– Ahmed P 20/08/2021
the course has been very easy to navigate, full of easy to understand information, and the videos and audio helped a great deal, and has been very informative. I can actually say that I have enjoyed taking this course and it the quizzes are reassuring that I understood the content of each section – Shirley R 30/08/2021
I thoroughly enjoyed this course,
I liked the way the course was set out (audio of the script, the physical layout of the screen, including pictures and diagrams). I also liked the linked videos; it gave a greater depth of understanding. The quizzes along the way consolidated my understanding of each subject. Overall, a very well thought out online course.

– Pamela P 20/05/2020
This has been a great way to refresh my memory of my first aid knowledge.
The scenarios made me think about actions I may need to take if this was to happen. It worked well for me by having the questions came the sections I had previously learnt about. It also helped me that it had been pre recorded so I could follow the wording while it was being read aloud as I seem to take information in better this way. It made for a faster and enjoyable process for me to complete.

– J. Still 03/06/2020
The audio recordings were found to be very useful indeed. I am Dyslexic and without the audio assistance time to complete the course would have been double (at least) due to having to keep re-reading. The course was very well laid out, simpe to follow, and the audio clear. Well done!
– Ryan B 23/08/2021
This has been so unbelievably useful. I feel much more prepared and more confident to update my risk assessment. Being divided up into clear sections helped keep focus to that area and make it more manageable. I really enjoyed completing it!I found this online part of the course very informative, it was easy to follow and complete the questions, the videos are short and to the point.
– A Bewick 12/07/2020
I found this course very detailed and informative. thank you for this refresher on first aid! I love the fact that you cannot skip and go ahead without fully watching the videos and answering the questions. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to have to complete a first aid course especially new parents.
Great information.
-S Begum 04/06/2020
Very informative and lots of information
The inclusion of videos to enable theory to be understood helped to develop my knoweldge and understanding.
– Rebecca W 04/06/2020
I enjoyed the course throughout, its helped to refresh my knowledge and understanding of First Aid.
There was also a few new things that will help me widen my knowledge of First Aider.
I also liked that there a visual (text) as well as audio and videos to help me through.
– Fahmida A 21/02/2018
Extremely detailed, informative on line course. I have learnt a lot and good explanations given of differing types of paediatric illnesses, conditions, scenarios with useful resources.
– Tracey A 21/05/2020

After completing several First Aid courses over that past 20+ years, I have found this blended method very effective. The information is clearly laid out and can be reviewed at any point if unsure about one of the topics.
-Carla H 18/05/2020