CPR and Use of AED for Children and Babies

CPR for Children and Babies (under 12 months)

  • CPR for children and babies is very similar, but you need to give 5 rescue breaths before starting chest compressions.
  • Once you have given 5 initial rescue breaths, you continue with the cycle of 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths.
NOTE: Because a baby is smaller than a child, only use 2 fingers to compress the chest:

Using an AED on a Child over one year

  • Most AED’s have either paediatric pads to attach to the chest or a paediatric setting which reduces the size of the shock delivered.
  • If you have an AED in your nursery or school you should make sure that you have been taught to use it in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • If no paediatric pads are available it is still better to use the adult AED pads.
  • If you are using adult pads on a child or baby place one pad in the centre of the chest and the other in the centre of the back.
NOTE: For babies under 1 year check manufacturer's guidelines before using an AED